AB de Villiers backs Harsha Bhogle’s opinion on Hardik-Tilak controversy

11 August, 2023

In the third T20I clash between India and West Indies, a near miss occurred for the budding talent Tilak Varma, as he fell just short of securing his second half-century on the international stage. In a nail-biting juncture, Varma found himself at 49* when the skipper, Hardik Pandya, unleashed a magnificent six that concluded the match with flair. 

Nevertheless, this unfolding prompted a fresh ripple of debate within the Indian cricket community, with disheartened fans expressing their discontent across diverse social media platforms. Their lament stemmed from witnessing Hardik sealing the game’s fate, thereby denying Tilak the chance to attain yet another significant milestone. Follow your favourite cricket team with attractive betting odds from Nextbet.

In light of this intriguing turn of events, Harsha Bhogle, a venerable cricket commentator, voiced his perplexity at the intense discourse that revolved around Tilak Varma’s almost-50 score. Bhogle conveyed his puzzlement regarding the fervor that had engulfed this incident, particularly given that achieving a half-century isn’t deemed a pivotal accomplishment in the dynamic T20 format. He delved into the overarching obsession with individual feats within the framework of a team sport, stressing that this prevailing trend ought to be curbed in order to nurture the progression of Indian cricket.

Expressing his musings in a tweet, Harsha Bhogle articulated, “I am puzzled by the discussion around Tilak Varma missing out on a 50. It isn’t a landmark, in fact, other than a century (which is rare), there are no landmarks in T20 cricket. We are far too obsessed with individual achievement within a team sport. I don’t believe 50s should be recorded in individual stats in T20 cricket. If you have made enough runs quickly enough (avg and SR), that is all that matters.”

In an echoing sentiment, former South African skipper AB de Villiers lent his voice to the agreement, acknowledging Bhogle’s stance with gratitude. De Villiers voiced his concurrence succinctly, stating, “Thank you thank you thank you. Finally someone says it.”

As the dust settled on the first two T20Is, both of which slipped through India’s grasp, the tables turned in the third encounter, with the Hardik Pandya-led contingent making an emphatic comeback, securing a seven-wicket triumph. With their spirits rekindled, the Indian squad now looks ahead, targeting victories in the concluding pair of matches set to unfold on American soil. 

While this rejuvenation is promising, a note of uncertainty hovers over India’s opening batting lineup, necessitating meticulous scrutiny in the matches that remain. Save for this potential tweak, it appears unlikely that any other alterations will be ushered in. Get free cricket betting tips from Nextbet Sports.