‘I felt the need for closure’ – R Ashwin after WTC Final Snub

20 June, 2023

In a heartbreaking turn of events, the World Test Championship final of 2023 witnessed Team India succumbing to defeat against the formidable Australian side led by Pat Cummins. The five-day battle on the cricket pitch clearly showcased the dominance of the Aussies over their Indian counterparts.

Following this disheartening loss, the Indian team found themselves under intense scrutiny from both ardent fans and critical pundits. The media spared no mercy, mercilessly questioning the execution of strategies and the composition of the team. As the drought for an ICC trophy continued, the criticism seemed to reach its pinnacle. However, one particular decision stirred significant controversy during the game—the exclusion of the seasoned all-rounder Ravichandran Ashwin from the playing XI. Follow your favourite cricket team with attractive betting odds from Nextbet.

Throughout the championship cycle, Ashwin had played a crucial role in India’s journey to the final. Therefore, his absence against Australia raised a plethora of bewildering questions. Subsequently, after the defeat, Ashwin himself took to Twitter to congratulate the Australian team and express gratitude towards the fans and support staff for their unwavering support despite the unfortunate outcome.

Moreover, the 36-year-old veteran shed light on the intention behind his tweet, revealing it was a means for him to attain closure. “Once the final concluded, I felt the need for closure. Once I achieve that, I can move forward without lingering. Time does not wait, and I have gained profound insights about life,” Ashwin conveyed in an interview with Indian Express.

Delving deeper into his reflections, the top-ranked Test bowler touched upon the toll that cricket takes on the mental health of his family members, particularly his father. Ashwin emphasized that while he possesses a certain degree of control over the game by actively participating in it, his father, who is a heart patient, lacks that luxury.

“The more I observe, the tremendous emotional burden it places on my family is astounding. My father, beset by heart ailments and other issues, experiences considerable distress. Every match, every day, he calls me, his voice riddled with stress. It’s relatively easy for me to step onto the field and play, as it remains within my control. But for my father, it’s a different story. He endures twice the agony I do. Consequently, in hindsight, the opinions of outsiders hold no relevance,” Ashwin poignantly expressed.

As the Indian cricket team grapples with the aftermath of the World Test Championship final loss, questions abound regarding the way forward. The disappointment has undoubtedly been hard to bear, but the resilience of the players and their ability to learn from this experience will shape their future endeavors on the cricket field. Meanwhile, Ashwin’s candid revelations regarding closure and the impact on his family underscore the unseen challenges faced by athletes and the importance of support systems in their lives.

In the realm of cricket, victories and defeats are interwoven, forming an inseparable tapestry. The true test lies in how teams and individuals rise above setbacks, channeling their energy and focus towards growth. As the Indian cricket team and Ravichandran Ashwin grapple with their respective journeys, their collective and individual responses will shape their legacy in the annals of the sport. Get the latest updates from the world of cricket only on Nextbet Sports.