Indian Cricketers’ face Midnight Flight Fiasco

26 July, 2023

Indian cricketers, fresh from the Test series against West Indies, were all set to embark on their next journey to Barbados on Monday night. However, an unexpected twist of fate threw a spanner in their plans. Despite the disappointment of Day 5 being washed out due to rain, the players were in high spirits. They had diligently adhered to their fitness regimen, determined to be in top shape for the upcoming ODI matches.

Late-night flights were arranged by the BCCI to transport the players, with the departure initially scheduled for 11 pm. Unfortunately, unforeseen delays pushed the departure time to an exasperating 3 am. The cricketers, already fatigued from the Test series, were now utterly frustrated with the situation. Follow your favourite cricket team with attractive betting odds from Nextbet.

With little rest and sleep, the players found themselves grappling with exhaustion as they arrived in Barbados. Preparations for the ODI series were now disrupted, and the players felt they couldn’t train adequately. In response to their grievances, the cricketers composed a letter addressed to the top officials of the BCCI, urging for better arrangements in the future to avoid such inconvenience.

In a show of understanding and empathy, the BCCI responded positively to the players’ concerns. They acknowledged the importance of adequate rest and recovery for the athletes after intense matches. The board decided to eliminate midnight flights from their scheduling, opting for morning flights instead, which would provide the players with the much-needed post-game rest they desired.

Interestingly, some Indian players had already reached Barbados well ahead of their teammates. Vice-captain Hardik Pandya, along with Suryakumar Yadav, Sanju Samson, Yuzvendra Chahal, Kuldeep Yadav, and Umran Malik, had arrived in Barbados a couple of days earlier. Their proactive approach aimed to acclimate to the local conditions, allowing them to gain an edge over their opponents in the upcoming matches.

The ODI series promises to be crucial for the Indian players, especially with the impending ODI World Cup just a couple of months away. Each player will be determined to make their mark and secure their spot in the squad for the prestigious tournament.

Barbados will be the stage for the first two ODIs, followed by the final ODI in Trinidad on August 1. Team India has its sights set on victory, aiming to etch yet another chapter of triumphs and records against the home side. As the battle unfolds, cricket enthusiasts around the world eagerly anticipate an exhilarating contest between these two cricketing powerhouses. Get the latest updates from the world of cricket only on Nextbet Sports.