Logan Paul’s return to the boxing ring in doubt after he suffers a serious injury at WWE Crown Jewel

8 November, 2022

Logan Paul finally had his big match against WWE World Heavyweight Undisputed champion Roman Reigns at the latest Crown Jewel pay-per-view in Riyadh in Saudi Arabia. Although the match ended in defeat for Paul, he impressed plenty of people and turned a lot of heads with his skill moves and showed plenty of dominance against a performer of the stature of Reigns.

However, the YouTube star, who had signed with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) for a multi-event contract in June 2022, paid the price for his top performance. The 27-year-old suffered damaging blow during the fight and he revealed that he had suffered a double tear of his anterior-cruciate ligament [ACL] and medial-cruciate ligament [MCL], in addition to a potential tear of his meniscus cartilage.

It has also been reported that he suffered these devastating injuries somewhere during the middle of the match and continued to fight for 10 minutes longer and ended up putting up a fantastic show which has earned the respect and admiration of thousands of fans and professionals associated with the business.

He posted an image on Instagram with his knee laid up on a stool, with the caption: “Torn meniscus, MCL & potentially ACL. Happened halfway through the match. keep y’all updated.” Paul later posted a video of himself being pushed in a wheelchair by partner Nina Agdal, who had clearly taken him to hospital for medical treatment.

The 27-year-old displayed several high-skill manoeuvres during the fight including a buckshot lariat, a frog splash, and a cross-body jump from the top rope during which he had laid out Reigns on the table. Paul even filmed himself and captured the footage of the jump in a personal point-of-view camera shot, which went viral on social media.

However, in the end, he fell short after getting hit with a Superman punch and speared by the Tribal Chief who extended his championship reign to 797 days. The consequences may be more devastating for Paul who was eyeing a return to the boxing ring in January on the Misfits Boxing card set to be announced by his friend KSI in the coming days.

He was linked with a host of opponents, including MMA fighter Dillon Danis and controversial ex-kickboxer Andrew Tate.