Man charged for assaulting Arsenal keeper during North London Derby

19 January, 2023

The North London Derby between Arsenal and Tottenham was as frantic and dramatic as ever, but this time, it had a slightly unsavory ending as well. Aaron Ramsdale, the Arsenal keeper who had a tough time at his end with the Spurs fans consistently giving him snarky comments, was at the end of it kicked aside by a random fan who barged in from the crowd after the match was done.

Ramsdale was returning to his goal-keeping position to pick up his belongings after the match was completed and was being hurried off the line by Richarlison, who seemed to be pissed by the fact that Ramsdale did not hold it back and said a few things in return to the fans. Just as Ramsdale was picking up his belongings, a fan rushed in, kick the player, and ran back into his position. 

The Metropolitan Police of London have now found the man who did this and are set to charge him with a lifetime ban from entering the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. Joseph Watts, 35, is set to appear in front of the Highbury Magistrate’s Court soon before any decision on the individual can be taken. 

The Football Association has said it strongly condemns the incident and said that such behavior will not be encouraged by the board. Although this was not the first of such incidents, the fan physically who physically kicked the player has drawn a lot of negative attention. “This is wholly unacceptable behavior,” the governing body said, “and we will work together with the police, the relevant authorities, and the clubs to ensure the appropriate action is taken.”

Although Ramsdale did not get hurt by the incident, he was pretty charged and wanted to fight with the spectator. He had to be separated from his teammates and a few police personnel present in the stadium, and was eventually taken away. Arsenal midfielder Granit Xhaka too was palpably pissed by the spectator and rushed in to engage in an altercation but was taken away by his manager Mikel Arteta.

In what turned out to be a memorable outing for the Gunners on hostile territory, Arsenal picked up a crucial 2-0 win that took them eight points clear of their nearest rivals Manchester City in the league title chase. Goals from Bukayo Saka and Martin Odegaard sealed the deal for Arteta’s men, who will next face Manchester United at Emirates.