MMA fighter investigated for assaulting homeless man 

20 April, 2023

Not for the first time, news has emerged that a combat sports specialist has been involved in an off-the-ring brawl which put him behind the bars. This time, the news emerged from Pueblo in California, where an amateur mixed martial artist has found himself in hot water after footage emerged of him and his father, a volunteer SWAT medic, carrying out the detainment of a homeless man.

Due to their actions, a citizen’s arrest has been imposed on the boxer and his father which puts his career under great jeopardy. 

A citizen’s arrest is a detainment carried out by individuals who aren’t acting as official members of law enforcement. Those who make such an arrest can find themselves in legal trouble should the suspect’s civil rights be violated.Unsurprisingly, excessive force such as a soccer kick to the head and repeated punches to an already apprehended individual fall under the bracket of what isn’t permitted in a citizen’s arrest.

Interestingly, the incident took place last fall but footage found its way to YouTube earlier this month. Almost immediately, the SCIN was sent messages received by the anonymous uploader on Facebook, which show the accused MMA fighter criticizing him. “You’re a piece of sh*t bro lmao,” Cullison wrote. “You know damn well why we retaliated yet you don’t include any info. Typical piece of sh*t journalism.”

Per a report from KRDO NewsChannel 13, MMA practitioner Nate Cullison is under investigation for his role in the arrest, which took place in September 2022. Surveillance footage shows the fighter’s father, Doug Cullison, approaching the homeless individual on a sidewalk and dragging him to the ground. Find fresh MMA news by visiting Nextbet

While the Pueblo County Sheriff’s Office-affiliated volunteer medic isn’t shown demonstrating physicality aside from an attempt to pin the man down, the same can’t be said for his son.

The amateur MMA fighter is recorded approaching the scuffle at pace before launching a vicious soccer kick at the back of the downed suspect’s head. From there, Cullison launches a relentless and unhinged attack, punching the individual multiple times while his father holds him down.

According to police reports, the homeless man is accused of punching a teacher at a nearby Pueblo school. Per the Southern Colorado Independent News (SCIN), the struck educator was Doug’s wife and Nate’s mother.