Toto Wolff not in favor of this radical F1 reform 

10 April, 2023

Mercedes chief Toto Wolff is one of the most well renowned figures in the world of sports. He remained as the face of their excellence when Lewis Hamilton guided them to multiple World Championships and if anybody could once again reignite their challenge, it is possibly him. However, the Austrian might not be doing Mercedes a great deal of favor by not being in favor of a major F1 reform. 

He could infacthelp keep Max Verstappen in F1 if he rejects new proposed changes to the sport. Formula 1 has been keen on increasing the number of sprint races in the upcoming cycle starting from 2026, a move which received plenty of backlash from fans and drivers. The Red Bull star has hinted he may walk away prematurely if the format of race weekends are altered.

After the race format was brought into place in 2021, now as many as six Grand Prix will feature the event which could be set to gain even more prominence in the schedule. Haas boss Guenther Steiner said there could be a second round of qualifying for the sprint race in the Azerbaijan GP this month, which has since been confirmed.

Wolff said: “In Baku we are talking about having a second qualifying in the moment. We don’t know how we do it and if we do it. Instead of FP2 on a sprint event on Saturday morning, we do our qualifying. Then we are in a situation to evaluate would one FP1 be enough to get out what we want and go from there?”

Steiner’s comments were met with disappointment by Verstappen, who accepted that he does not want alterations and could even retire from the sport if amendments are made. “I’m happy with just the main race,” the Dutchman told Sport TV. “I think that’s way better for the excitement. I naturally, of course, hope that there won’t be too many changes otherwise I won’t be around for too long. Find fresh F1 stories and good betting odds in Nextbet

With plenty of exciting drama happening off the field, it keeps the spice alive for the F1 fans, who otherwise are sure that Red Bull once again will take the World Championship title, with Verstappen in pole position to lift his third consecutive title.