Anthony Joshua set for four-man tournament with Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder

13 April, 2023

The world of boxing is all set to witness some crackling action in the coming months, with Anthony Joshua lining up one spectacular event which includes three other major competitors of his in the current generation. The British boxer has faced his setbacks in the past but bounced back strongly and is hunting for his vengeance in this upcoming event. Joshua’s fight delay could be due to talks over a four-man heavyweight tournament with Tyson Fury, Deontay Wilder and Oleksandr Usyk.

Joshua made his way back after successive defeats in the hands of Usyk when he outpointed Jermaine Franklin in London to return to winning ways. It was expected Joshua would continue a rebuild of his heavyweight career this summer, after requesting fans to remain patient with him as he continues to step up the levels of opponent again.

A second meeting against Dillian Whyte touted for the summer given their respective victories over Franklin. However ‘AJ’ stunned the world by announcing on social media that his next fight would be delayed until December.

But radio host Jordan has a new conspiracy theory that Joshua could be set to announce a huge fight with Wilder, while Fury faces Andy Ruiz Jr before going on to take on Usyk. He said on the talkBOXING show: “There’s a lingering observation and, I suppose rumour, that’s seeded I think in some substance – that there is a series of fights being arranged in the Middle East that involve Fury, Usyk, Joshua and Wilder. Don’t forget to visit Nextbet for more boxing news and betting opportunities. 

Three fights being made which is Fury vs Usyk, Wilder vs Joshua and the two winners of those fights meeting again in the Middle East for the ultimate showdown. That would align with the dynamic of the reasons why Anthony Joshua isn’t fighting until December. The second part of this equation that I’m understanding is potentially in the offing is that Fury needs to fight.

“He won’t have fought since December, he can’t be out for a year. He will [fight in the summer]. What I’m led to believe is he will get out against Andy Ruiz. When you see that make-up, if it were to be that way, money talks. And if the Middle Eastern guys are really doing this, then they will throw the money at it and the fights will happen,” Jordan said.