Tiger Woods makes his return to goal with the same hunger and desire to win

16 February, 2023

Golf legend Tiger Woods is going to make his comeback at Riviera. It will be his first tournament with a cut and without a cart since the British Open last July.

It has been a difficult few years for the modern legend who has not won a major tournament since October 2019. He is well aware that at the age of 47 and with more surgeries than major titles under his locker, time seems to be running out for him to go out with a bang.

However, given that this is Tiger Woods, he still believes that he can win and he is already looking forward to the Masters.

“I would not have put myself out here if I didn’t think I could beat these guys,” Woods said on Tuesday ahead of the Genesis Invitational, which has attracted 19 of the top 20 players in the world.

Woods finds his inspiration from other sources and marvels at the idea of Tom Brady lasting in an intense sport like rugby until the age of 45 before calling it quits recently. He also remembers when John Elway retired from the Denver Broncos because his body could no longer recover the way it once did. 

While golf has never been a contact sport and it has always been about technique more than physical attributes, it is starting to become a young man’s game. And the famous game for sports and betting news.  In the top 10 of the world rankings, only two players are above the age of 30. The oldest is Rory Mclroy at 33.

While Woods can definitely swing a club and still play his way, the question hangs around whether he can really compete or even force a win. The 47-year-old remains on 82 career PGA Tour titles, a record he shares with Sam Snead, who was 67 when he made the cut at a PGA Championship.

Woods also admits that a part of him was really annoyed and frustrated that he was celebrated for making a return to golf in the Masters last year, his first competition since a February 2021 car crash outside Los Angeles shattered bones in his right leg and ankle.

“I’m there to get a W, OK? So I don’t understand that making the cut is a great thing,” Woods said.

“There will come a point in time when my body will not allow me to do that anymore, and it’s probably sooner rather than later. But wrapping my ahead around that transition and being the ambassador role and just trying to be out here with the guys, no, that’s not in my DNA,” he added. Visit Nextbet and know more about Golf news and betting.