Tyson Fury issues a fight challenge to 50 Youtube streamers

14 February, 2023

Professional boxer Tyson Fury has come out with a big statement and has mentioned that he is ready to fight 50 Youtube streamers on the same night. Fury also explained the rules that he wants these social media stars to adhere to during the fight. Explore good boxing betting odds and news in Nextbet

Fury, who has been boxing professionally since 2008, has an incredible record of 33-0 and is undefeated in his career. The Gypsy King is set to face fellow world heavyweight champion Oleksandr Usyk in a unification bout and after months of difficult negotiations over the place and date, they have finally settled on having the high-profile bout at the Wembley Stadium in London on April 29.

The 95,000-seat stadium has finally been chosen after the previously considered Saudi’s construction of the new arena in Jeddah won’t be ready in time for April 29th, which is the date set for the showdown.

In the meantime, Fury has also come up with an interesting fight night idea that will, no doubt, attract massive crowds and further boost the popularity of amateur boxing. With YouTube fights and the Misfits Boxing promotion on the rise the Gypsy King wants to fight ‘them all at once’.

“Yes, I’d fight them all at once,” the British heavyweight told the Daily Star Sport. “I don’t know how many YouTube boxers there are. But, let’s say there are 50 of them. What we will do is get all 50 of them in a row and then put them all in for a round each.”

Several high-profile Youtube stars have slowly been transitioning into the world of boxing with Logan Paul, Jake Paul, and KSI being some of the most notable to do so. Paul and KSI even faced off with former World Champion Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather who has a 50-0 record in his professional career.

Meanwhile, Tyson’s own brother Tommy Fury will clash with YouTuber turned professional boxer Jake Paul later this month as the rivals finally settle their bitter feud in Saudi Arabia on February 26.

He has even gone on to say that he will leave his brother in the Middle East in case he ends up losing to Paul. 

“I’ll leave Tommy in Saudi Arabia. He can become Cristiano Ronaldo ’s best pal and he can be a PT for Ronaldo in Saudi,” he told JOE. “The two guys are putting it on. They’re both undefeated and whoever loses is pretty much f***ed I’d say, because they have both had a lot to say.